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Welcome to Snowball Games! Home to four of the internet's snowball games. The weather is getting quite chilly and snowy outside, so why not jump on your computer and play some snowball games! Bookmark Snowball Games

snow storm game
Snow Storm
Complete each of the snow covered levels by clearing off the parking lots by the required amount. Cars and other objects are in each of the parking lots which will make the clearing process a tad bit tougher.
snow line game
Snow Line
Oh No! A bout of reindeer hiccups has scattered presents throughout Europe. Santa has given the reindeer the day off to recover and needs to collect the presents in time for Christmas. So, draw lines with your mouse to guide Santa to the missing presents.
deep freeze game
Deep Freeze
A series of Santaís enemies are trying to stop this yearís Christmas from happening! It is your job to use your special Santa water gun to spray and freeze them. If you fail to do this, Santaís enemies will steal all of the presents and stop Christmas.
snow blitz game
Snow Blitz
School has shut down because of excessive amounts of snow, so itís time to hit the streets for a neighborhood snowball fight. Hit as many kids with snowballs as you can while avoiding to get hit yourself.